DAN Talent Group has some of the best voice over talent in the country.
Click on the names below to hear voice examples.*

Alex K.

Alyssa R.

Angela A.

Ann H.

April H.

Beth D.

Bethanne M.

Bill W.

Brian M.

Brittney C.

Brooke M.

Buck M.

Camille A.

Carlene M.

Cassie C.

Cece D.

Chris A.

Chris D.

Chuck R.

Connie F.

Daniel G.

Danny H.

Darius W.

David C.

Dewayne S.

DIane D.

Doug D.

Doug R.

Eileen M.


Hollywood H.

Hope R.

James L.

Jay P.


Jen B.

Jennifer D.

Jessica C.

Jilla W.

Jim K.

Joe C.

Joe S.

Joel Ju.


Joshua R.

Julie W.

Karen W.

Kathleen L.

Kelly M.

Lance D.

Larry S.

Laura L.

Lisa M.

Mark S.

Michael A.

Michael F.

Michael S.

Micheal A.

Mike M.

Mike S.

Nancy M.


Patti H.

Paul C.

Peter O.


Rick M.

Scott M.

Sharon W.

Sherry F.

Stacy D.

Steve W.

Stevie W.


Tom S.

Tommy C.

Whitney S.


*If you can't hear the voice over examples, please make sure your audio is turned up in your computer, as well as on your speaker system. If you do not have streaming MP3 software installed, we recommend downloading installing iTunes for free.